BSides Cape Town 2017 – “Docker for Hackers” talk and badge apps

Today at BSides Cape Town 2017 I gave a talk titled “Docker for Hackers” – a quick overview of what docker is, how to use it, and how to attack various aspects of it. The slides for my talk are here.

I also got to help @dale_nunns, who wrote the firmware for our electronic badges which is a BASIC interpreter, with some “.bas” files for attendees to discover as well as the badge default LED animation. The conference theme was “Back to the Future” and the badge was in the shape of a Flux Capacitor. The files are:

  • bluepulse.bas – which fades all the LEDs darker and lighter blue
  • knightrider.bas – which as the name suggests was inspired by KITT from KnightRider and “seeks” a RED light along the length of the LED strips… this wasn’t included on the other badges, just mine 😉
  • otv.bas – a BASIC port of “” by @mainframed767 which outputs text to the serial console
  • party.bas – which flashes random LEDs random colours in a disco-effect
  • pipes.bas – inspired Windows “3d pipes” screensaver
  • rgb.bas – which lights up all the LEDs and cross-fades them between different colours
  • startup.bas – the code that runs when the badge is switched on, and animate white LED pulses making their way to the center of the badge with increasing speed and brightness until “powered up” and the whole thing starts flashing brightly.

The above files are available at: but will likely also be available in the badge’s github repository when made available.


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