Challenge: RetroPort

Get a code from the server at (not a website), then enter it at the bottom of this page.

Once you have the code, enter it and your badge number below to receive a challenge hash and enter it on the Submit Challenge Token page!

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HINTS (showing 4/4) :

Clue 1
Run a port/nmap scan on the ip.

Clue 2
You should have found an open port - google "port " to learn what it is. Linux, macOS and Windows all have a command line tool (with the same name) for interacting with it.

Ignore any connection issues, this challenge could be buggy, it should recover in a second or two.

Clue 3
What happens when you query a list of users?
What happens when you query a user?
What happens when you query an invalid user?

Clue 4
Users not found... or error in WHAT statement?

The native clients might be a bit tricky send malicious payloads with, but you can use the service with telnet (or netcat) : send an empty string (press enter) to get a list of users, or type an input/user and press enter.