Challenge: RetroRom

Enter your badge number below to get a binary file (NOTE: this file is unique to your badge number to don't bother sharing it with anyone). Analyse the file, find out how to get the code from it.

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Once you have the code, enter it and your badge number below to receive a challenge hash and enter it on the Submit Challenge Token page!

Note: This is not "the GENIE", you'll get a code from there to use here.

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HINTS (showing 7/7) :

Clue 1
Determine what type of file this is, and how to open it.

Clue 2
Tools like "file" or "trid" should be able to identify it.

Clue 3
Alternatively you can open it in a text or hex editor and look at the first few bytes of the file.

Clue 4
Make sure you've used all of the terminals.

Clue 5
Google for a genie for the platform you're emulating.

Clue 6
You need an emulator that supports Game Genie codes. The following have been tested:

* "Nestopia" on MacOS (
* "FCEUX" and "Jnes" on Windows ( or
* "FCEUX" on Unbuntu - but needs the Game Genie rom - as "gg.rom" (

You can find most of these files mirrored in

Clue 7
I've you're having issues entering the game genie code, you can use to reverse the code - giving you the offset in memory it's patching, and the value it's writing (0x00).

You can subtract 0x4000 from the offset, add 0x10 (for the file's header that doesn't end up in memory), and hex edit the byte at that offset in the file to 0x00 to achieve the result of the Game Genie code (just remember to undo this to play the game normally).

Or ask someone to help you, or ping @HypnZA on twitter or ZaTech Slack.